Our company

Our company

What is Exportala?

Exports Latin America is an online platform that allows small, medium and large companies to create a store, publish and sell their products abroad. Our main goal is to end the fear and the prospect of difficulty in making exports.

Exportala is born from the need to encourage all types of companies to export their products wholesale and retail, in this way to become known, expand their horizons, increase their portfolio of customers.

If you have a microenterprise, business, or informal business and it is in your interest to take your products beyond national borders, then join our platform and become part of this great family with just one click, either as a seller or buyer to start to enjoy millions of Latin American products.

If you are a company or person who wants to purchase products and / or services of Colombian origin, simply select the merchandise you want, add it to the cart, you pay and we take care of it to your home or business.

It should be noted that Exportala.com is a directory of suppliers that publish the products you need, we are not a manufacturer or a product warehouse. The products you see advertised are the ones that each supplier has in his store or factory, and each supplier is independent of the others.